Book No.159
Title: Ex Libris ~ Confessions of a Common Reader
Author: Anne Fadiman
Publication date: November, 2000
pages: 162pages

Ex Librisは、「誰々の蔵書から~」という意味があり、本の所有者を示す「蔵書票」の意味でもあります。蔵書票ってコレクションしたくなるような可愛いもの多いですよね。



Now you know why I married my husband. In my view, nineteen pounds of old books are at least nineteen times as delicious as one pound of fresh caviar. You may prefer Veuve Clicquot for your birthday, but give me a nine-dollar 1992 edition of Vincent Starrett's " Penny Wise and Book Foolish".〜 Ex Libris



A particularly bad moment occurred while he was in the process of transferring my Shakespeare collection from one bookcase to another and I called out, "Be sure to keep the plays in chronological order!"
    "You mean we're going to be chronological within each author?" he gasped. "But no one even knows for sure when Shakespeare wrote his plays!"
    "Well," I blustered, "we know he wrote Romeo and Juliet before The Tempest. I'd like to see that reflected on our shelves."
    George says that was one of the few times he has seriously contemplated divorce.〜 Ex Libris


“too many books, too little space” 問題に頭を悩ます人には、元英国首相のエッセイが面白いかもしれません。


本の最後には"Book about Book" のおすすめ本が紹介されている。もっと読みたくなってきた。

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